Elaine Tucker – Customer Service Rep. elaine@lancasterinsurance.biz

Our agency financial services are offered by Bob Finberg. Bob has more than thirty years experience as a licensed insurance agent.

Our concept for financial planning is based on “your values.”

Bob Finberg of Lancaster Insurance has a team of experts in life insurance, pensions and savings plans.

Our pledge is to work with you developing a “financial independence plan” and our commitment is to share your vision for protection, security and independence.

What makes us different from other advisors is our promise of service to you based on a relationship, our focus on your needs rather than financial products and being guided by your long term goals rather than current events.

Insuring your Homes, Cars, Trucks, your Businesses and your lives. We have selected the best and most competitive insurance companies offered by any independent agency. We represent “you”, not just a singleinsurance company. One size does NOT fit all, one insurance company does NOT fit all.


Lancaster Insurance Services, Inc.
42220 10th Street West, Suite 107
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: 661-726-1337
Fax: 661-726-5846

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