Losing weight can help men’s sex lives

A shirtless man in Hollywood, Fla. File photo by Joe Raedle, Getty Images.

Here’s more evidence that losing just a few pounds — even as little as 5 percent of one’s body weight — can bring a big improvement in health and quality of life.

I was thumbing through the copy of The Journal of Sexual Medicine I keep on my coffee table (it’s not a porn mag), and noticed this study done at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Researchers put a total of 31 obese men with diabetes on two different healthy diets, one more restrictive than the other. One group dropped an average of 10 percent of body weight, the other 5 percent. But both groups showed great improvement in sexual function, and a decline in urinary problems. A great many men who suffer from diabetes also have those maladies.

Despite the narrow scope of the study, it has implications for the larger population, since previous researchhas shown you don’t have to go to “Biggest Loser” extremes and lose 40 percent of your body weight to see benefits.

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