Local Independent Insurance Agency


Most importantly, an insurance agent is your protector.

Insurance is a pretty complex and buying the right insurance to protect you and your family, or your business, can be confusing. One thing is for sure – most people need someone looking out for their interests! That’s where your Independent Insurance Agent comes in. Your local Independent Insurance Agent looks out for you!
What is an Insurance Agent?
An insurance agent can be a friend, parent, or coach licensed in the field. Most importantly, an insurance agent is your protector. Someone who knows the business, its downfalls and upsides, and can guide you toward to making the right choices that suit your individual needs.
Types of Insurance Agents
An insurance agent, sometimes referred to as an insurance sales agent, is either a captive agent or an independent agent. Captive agents  work for one company exclusively and can only offer their clients one specific product line. This type of agent has a limited number of insurance options.Independent insurance agents represent several companies offering you more choices for finding the right insurance at the right price.

Insurance Agent Educational Requirements
Employers prefer to hire insurance agents who have college degrees, particularly in business or economics. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that students in college take courses in finance, accounting, marketing, economics, and business administration. It can also be beneficial for anyone looking to work in Life Insurance Sales to focus on psychology, public speaking, and sociology classes.

Insurance Agents Continuing Education
In most cases, states also require continuing education credits be updated within specific time frames.
State Required Licenses for Insurance Agents
In most states, in order to be licensed, sales agents must complete pre-licensing courses and pass state examinations. They arerequired to obtain separate licenses  to sell life and health insurance or property and casualty insurance. Each state has different requirements consult your individual state’s Department of Insurance for details.

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