AV NICE goes to AV FAIR, rides #ferriswheel. A 9 year old’s first ferris wheel ride

this is the best feel good story we’ve done! please include pinterest, and all other platforms for everybody this is going to go viral if we put it on every platform for everybody in all tags include , av nice, avfair2013, coolestavfairride
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AV NICE goes to AV FAIR, rides #ferriswheel. A 9 year old's first ferris wheel ride



http://www.avflorist.com 888.948.6006 A great day at the #AVFair, the #kiwanislivestockauction, sponsored by #rrexparrislawfirm and #petrolock, the flowers, the kids, the animals. We talked to a bunch of cool #AVpeople, and the day ends with a very wonderful #ferriswheelride, the Ferriswheel ride is a #fairtradition, both of us taking photos and video. Flowers on animals provided by Petro Lock. #Lors is at 1.35     

Sharon Weisenberger makes Floral Decor for AVFair Livestock Auction 



http://www.avflorist.com 888.948.6006 Petro Lock fuels provided the sponsorship money to put flower blankets/scarves on all the the Champion Animals at the #AVFair livestock auction. #PetroLock was excited to be involved in a sponsor role at the AVFair this year. The flowers were beautiful, the proceeds huge, and even the animals were happy.





http://www.avflorist.com 888.948.6006 Billy and Bruce help put the Kiwanis BBQ on each year, a very important part of the fair, it follows the Livestock Auction. 

#alfieantelope #diamondsarefairever


ROB PARRIS of the R Rex Parris Law Firm, sponsors of the AVFair Livestock Auction



 http://www.avflorist.com 888.948.6006 Rob Parris buys a Grand Champion Rabbit as he does each year to support the fair and the #4H kids. The auction and the generous buyers are a wonderful Antelope Valley tradition. Contact the #AVFair office at 661.948.6060 to register to attend the Auction and be a buyer, see you in 2014


J T ROCKWELL, Hollywood Trick Horses, at the AVFair



http://www.avflorist.com 888.948.6006. At the #avfair #animalauction , a
real #cowboy comes by, says hello. #JT is a 5th generation Cowboy, works with horses, is in the movies, lives in #ourValley. A real friendly guy, and I am digging those #custombandanas. Dear Santa 1.#googleglasses 2. #jtrockwellbandana. #avfair #animalauction #parrislivestockauction

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