Wow Devotional Speaker Linda Olson Every Person Counts


While we were on vacation, my husband and I stepped into our favorite grocery store. Just then a van pulled up near the door. The lady got out, walked around the front of the van, pulled down a ramp, and two young girls rolled down the ramp in their motorized vehicles. Both of them had cerebral palsy. As the girls rolled down the aisles they were giggling and laughing. I glanced over to see a young, college-age man place a bouquet of flowers into each of their carts and hand one of them a bouquet of balloons. Then he grabbed a microphone and announced to the entire store, “I would like everyone to come to the front of the store and sing Happy Birthday to Amy.” That day this young man, not only touched Amy’s life, he touched mine. 

Several days later, I went back to the store and was pleased to be able to track down the young man. I told him how his kind gesture had impacted my life. Then, I asked, if he knew the girls. I thought that very likely they were regular customers. Much to my surprise he said, “Never saw them before”.  Now, it really peeked my curiosity. So, I asked, “How did you know it was Amy’s birthday?” He looked rather sheepish and said, “You would be surprised what we hear when we are straightening the fruits and vegetables.” 

God tells us we are His top priority, “God decided to give us life through the word of truth so we might be the most important of all the things He made.” James 1:18 NCV.  

This young man took to heart that every person counts. He went out of his way to touch a young girl’s life in a way she will never forget.

Max Lucado says, 

With God, every day matters, every person counts. And that includes you.

We, Terilee Harrison, Nancy Burroughs and Linda Olson have

opened our hearts to share our journey of finding worth in Christ. We want 

you to experience that as well. Please join us on November 2, at the 

Women of Worth Christian Retreat in Lake Hughes, CA.

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