Linda Olson Presents Teri Hawkins Shifting to the New Paradigm

People buy from people they feel connected to. You have to touch them emotionally.

You will not want to miss hearing Teri Hawkins, at the Greenhouse Café, on Thursday,

October 3, at 5:00p.m. in Lancaster, CA. Teri is a one of a kind, entrepreneur coach who

remains on the cutting edge of business. Space is limited so come early. No fee, just

purchase your dinner and join us for a wonderful evening.

What worked before is not working today. Many of us are using much time and energy

working in the old paradigm to try and create a successful business instead of using

our valuable time and energy to learn the new paradigm. Since the old paradigm is not

bringing us the success we hoped for it, it has left us scrambling to make a decent income

and maintain the lifestyle we desire. We are working twice as hard for much less.

In the new paradigm, the champion entrepreneur focuses on getting people to buy

from you as opposed to selling to them. So, how does that happen? The first step in

developing this skill is learning to connect. People buy when they feel connected to

you. You have to touch them emotionally.

One of the best ways to do that is to turn the conversation back to them as quickly as

you can. When someone asks the typical question in a networking situation, “What

do you do?” you may respond with, “I would love to share with you, but first I would

like to hear about you.” Most people are thrilled to talk about themselves and will be

so pleased you asked. By focusing on them, you are confirming their value.

Remember, people buy from people them feel connected to. It’s learning to approach

sales from a relationship perspective. Although at first it may not appear that you

are getting anywhere with your ultimate goal, it is the beginning of developing trust

for a much deeper relationship. As you develop this skill, this approach will open up

doors of opportunity that will maximize your impact.

Henry Thoreau says, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

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