Terry and Sylvia Norris of Precision Labs Palmdale Ca USA, Center of the Universeexactly

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Terry and Sylvia Norris believe in the strength and opportunity of the Economic Region they live and have their business in. Come enjoy the Calibration, formed over 18 years ago they and their staff count and measure ANYTHING… the word is getting out!!

Welcome to Precision Labs

Precision Labs started in 1995 with a single multi-function meter calibrator and two dedicated professionals. While one of the founders had 4 years of formal metrology training, the other was a calibration lab manager. We worked long hours and reinvested any profits back into the company, a process of self improvement that continues to today.

The only work we could perform back then was at the customer’s facility because we lacked a formal location. But that changed once a small 10foot by 15 foot lab with climate control was built after 1 year of service. At that point we had approximately 30 instruments. Many customers were surprised to see us with such a strong technical background for the size of the company.

We quickly moved to a 1000 square foot facility in Palmdale. At that point we had a crew of 4 people. The amount of instrumentation had also grown, but we still always felt as though we were always sharing tools. Someone termed the phrase “calibration co-operative” to explain our philosophy of sharing our resources in such a manner as to help customers. That method of though continues today as many loyal customers may seek a single calibration, but we will invest heavily to calibrate this one item on the plans to help others.

We were one of the first companies to become ISO 17025. In fact, so few companies were ISO 17025, that the Automotive Industry Action Group had to act in order to help the industry. The lessons of ISO 17025 removed the last vestiges of military standards that we used as guides to run the company. That allowed the company to improve efficiency to help work process in a much better fashion.

After a short stay of only two years, we had to move into 2000 square feet building in the city of Lancaster. After many shelves and a storage facility for our 30 filing cabinets of manuals was built, we realized the time to move had come again. By this time, we had well over 300 customers to include all of our original customers. The breadth of our calibration capabilities were hundreds of calibration items, computer networks, front office personal more than the first staff, company cars, and more.

We now have nearly 6000 square feet and continue to find more ways to expand. Major customers are now demanding that we continue to find innovative methods to help them cut costs while continuing to improve quality. Our efforts of the strongest team we have ever assembled stands together to tackle your next challenge.

The teamwork continues to build here at Precision Labs as co workers are obtaining safety, managerial and workforce training. The keys to our success has always been the quality of the work that we can perform for you: our best team member and the reason we exist.

Primary NAICS of 541380 and 811219. Other Naics codes may also apply.

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