Jesus Walking on Water

Linda A Olson

It was the first summer after college that I was directing a Girls camping program. We would take teen girls for a seven-day camp-out on an Island in the beautiful Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada.  It was the last stretch of a 3-day canoe trip. 

The wind bit into me.  The unexpected storm white capped the water, rocking the canoe. What had started as a simple ride around the islands had turned into a major storm. If Lula didn’t pick up her paddle and literally pull her own weight, we could be blown a long way from shore, with nothing in the canoe but light windbreakers and life jackets, and no way to signal for help. 

“Lula, put your paddle back in the water and pull—hard!” I yelled over my shoulder, putting as much authority into my voice as I could muster.  Indeed, I knew…

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